Farm Weddings Venue in New Jersey

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Posted on January 13, 2018

DiMeo Farms is a beautiful NJ farm wedding venue in South Jersey. Some of our customers love it so much here, they actually get married here along the beautiful blueberry fields and Hammonton Creek along our NJ family farm. Your country wedding guests will be impressed with your rustic farm weddings at our gorgeous outdoor-only rustic farm wedding venue location in New Jersey. Here at DiMeo Farms, we provide an original farm wedding ideas for couples looking to get married on a family blueberry farm in NJ. You wedding guests will be surrounded by DiMeo blueberry bushes in the heart of the historic South Jersey Pine Barrens forest region and Wharton State Forest in the Pinelands. At DiMeo Blueberry Farm, we have a rustic country farm wedding setting hosted on one of our farm properties in New Jersey.

Call DiMeo Farms now (609) 561-5905 to get fast farm wedding pricing and schedule a self walk-through tour of our blueberry farm. Check-out our recently updated 2017 Pinterest photo gallery with our NJ farm wedding photos.

DiMeo Blueberry Farm Wedding in New Jersey

Love in the Blueberry Fields at DiMeo Blueberry Farm Wedding in New Jersey

Farm Wedding Venue in NJ

Outdoor Farm Wedding Venue in NJ at DiMeo’s Blueberry Farm in Hammonton

Sail Cloth Wedding Tents at DiMeo Farms

Sail Cloth Farm Wedding Tents at DiMeo Farms in NJ

farm weddings dimeo blueberry farms venue

Rustic Farm Weddings Venue Location in New Jersey at DiMeo Farms in Hammonton, New Jersey


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